Fresh Water Fouling Release


Really, really slick stuff for the bottom of your boat!!! It makes it go fast, too!!!

GatorGlide FR, our freshwater fouling release is just that. It is not an ablating paint (I refer to ablating paints as a poison brake shoe or anchor). FR is a release, a super slick waterborne epoxy that, when properly applied, is very easy to clean and a great place for fouling “not” to grow. It does not have the abrasion properties like our GatorGlide G2 and G4. What it does have is excellent cleanability, speed increase, fuel-saving, and protective properties for freshwater boats.

FR will benefit any boat on the planet. However, if you run in an abrasive atmosphere, you will be better served to run the G2 or G4. Open water you want and need the GatorGlide Fouling Release AKA FR.