GatorGlide offload

easy does it! slick bottom, Mud Boat, Air Boat and more

Hammer time

GatorBase Hammer test. supper tough slick bottom, Mud Boat, Air Boat and more

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Q: What the difference between G2 and G4?

   A: G2 is about 10% slicker and the G4 is about 10% more abrasion resident! I recommend G2 for most mud and outboard boats,  G4 for airboats that run a lot of dry grass. (I run the G2 on my airboat) 

Mixing Video

Check out the mixing video please, it will help a bunch. The GatorGlide and GatorBase are mixed and applied the same way.

First coat Video

First Coat G2,



Second coat Video

Second Coat G2. We recommend a minimum of three Coats! 

What does it stick to?

Just about everything! Fiberglass, Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, vinyl, Wood, Concrete (not good for floors, (do not walk on GatorGlide products). I tried UHMW myself, It will not stick long. Any oily substrate is not a good place to try to get anything to stick to. If someone says they have something that will stick to uhmw or like kind, be very careful! They may have a bridge to sell. GatorGlide is on Dump truck beds, Game feeders, Lawn mower decks, undercarriages of heavy and farm equipment, Trucks, ATV’s, UTV’s, Snow removal equipment, Factory assembly table where adhesive are used, Irrigation, water treatment plants, Snowboards, Wakeboards, Paddleboards and just about every kind of boat you can think of. (The fouling release is NOT meant for boats that stay in the saltwater year round). I’m sure I left off lots of things. GatorGlide customers are smart and innovative!

Don't get stuck without it!

Its like getting your first weedeater, you'll never run without it again!



Due to the cold weather I have opened up two day shipping on the website. If you live in the northern states and If you choose to ship ground and your order freezes in transit the onus is on you.  This is only during the winter months. Trying to hold back orders waiting for warm weather in different parts of the country or world has become a logistical nightmare and we can no longer do it. You will not get your order in two days as it takes two days to get on the dock. What this means is it will be in transit for 2 days so it won't freeze, you should have your order in 4 to 5 days rather than 7 to 8 days. I apologize but this seems to be the most viable option for both you the customer and us the manufacturer. We cannot replace frozen orders.