GATORBASE 1/2 Gallon Tough/Primer coating kit up to 95 sq ft


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GatorBase is an water born epoxy primer, a great start for new boat bottoms, heavy wear areas or if you’re taking bottom down to the hull.

After sanding with 100 – 150 grit and wiping thoroughly with acetone. New aluminum I recommend degreasing with a degreasing agent. I advise applying the slick bottom in multiple thin coats using a 6″ inch X 3/8″ to 1/2″ nap roller (see pic below) I also like working out of a 2 gal bucket with a 1 gal paint grid. See mixing video.

Five coats are ideal, First mix part “A” thoroughly with a high shear mixer or by shacking vigorously . Then you can mix as much as you can use in an hour. (Example: if you are using 1/4 of Part “A” then use 1/4 of Part “B”). When you open the bucket mark the outside at the top level then mark half, quarter and so on, do the same with the catalyst (part B)

The drying time between coats will vary depending on humidity but typically takes 20-30 minutes between coats. Throw your roller in the pot and throw a rag over it between coat (Do Not apply at night or while it raining even in your shop.) This is a water born product and needs to dry between coats. You have about a 60 min pot life, so mix accordingly.

GatorGlide will fish eye or separate when you are applying the first coat. It’s going to fisheye like you’re painting a waxed hood. That’s just how it is, after you roll the second section and before dipping your roller for the third go back and dry-roll the first section with the same roller. Do this on each coat. You will see it start to tighten up; This is completely normal! It will tighten up on the second and third coat. I know it looks weird but it’s how the stuff works. Depending on how porous the surface is will determine how much it fisheyes. Wait for it to dry (about 20-30 min) to the touch and start your next coat. “THIN TO WIN” I can’t stress this enough THIN COATS if you can put the same amount on in 3 coats or 5 coats go 5 it will be a better job. All coats should be done back to back so the integrate. Takes two hrs. to complete the job!

Do Not apply at night, in direct sunlight or while raining. You will lose performance!

Please never hesitate to call me to discuss the application, mixing tips or if you just want to bounce idea off of me. The longer it sits before you run it the harder it gets.

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 in
GatorGlide Color: topcoat

Black, Blue, Graphite, Marsh Mud, Olive Green, Green, Orange, Slate, Yellow, White, Anchor


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