Mixing GatorGlide or gatorBase




First mix part "A" thoroughly with a high shear mixer or by shacking vigorously . Then you can mix as much as you can use in an hour. (Example: if you are using 1/4 of Part "A" then use 1/4 of Part "B"). When you open the bucket or jug mark the outside at the top level then mark half, quarter and so on, do the same with the catalyst (part B) . .



I Like to use a hacksaw blade to find you levels and mark the jugs or buckets. Wipe clean after each dip.

After mixing or shacking Part A, drop the blade to the bottom and then stand it next to the container and mark your stop level. Then measure into quarters or thirds. Measure and mark Part B. After pouring the 1/4 of A drop the blade back in and check if amount is right. If you pour over on A some then pour over on B some.


easy as that


If you poor a quarter or third o Part A the do the same with Part B. This will give you the correct ratio. This method is best! DO NOT use measuring cups as it is measured by weight not volume. 

Mixing Video

Jim Beam not included